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Elephant Grass Greeting Card - Thinking of you - per 6


Elephant grass collection

Creative Lab Amsterdam has developed a new collection of greeting cards which is created from a crop called Elephant Grass (Miscanthus), a 100% natural miracle crop. Twelve new designs created with this beautiful paper. Elephant grass is cultivated on Dutch soil, on bare land and is a special plant. Because the paper is cultivated in the Netherlands, it doesn’t need to travel far to become yours. In this way we use the Dutch manufacturing industry and as little transport as possible.

Benefits of Elephant Grass

  • Grows on marginal land, not fit for food production
  • In the Netherlands it absorbs about 30 tons of CO2 per hectare per year (four times more than a European forest)
  • Non food crop, once plated it can be harvest each spring for 20 years
  • Low moisture, from the land immediately ready for processing
  • Suitable for use in many sustainable materials, including bioplastic, bio-concrete and paper
  • No fertilizers needed
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